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Happy Birthday to the_thread_lady!!

Have a wonderful day!!

Happy Birthday the_thread_lady!

Happy Birthday Ellen! Have a wonderful day!


Please keep your thoughts with family and friends on the east coast who are in the path of Frankenstorm Sandy whose landfall is imminent.

Who Knew?

That Wonder Under has a shelf life? While making up samples for my applique class earlier this week the Wonder Under I was using shredded my piece when I tried to remove the paper.

Nice, huh? I've never had this happen so I tried it on different fabric, made sure I followed the directions exactly and got the same result. The stuff was pretty ancient (probably over 5 yrs or more) so I wasn't totally surprised. Got new stuff and it worked just fine. Top piece is the old stuff, bottom piece is the new. Lesson learned.

Congratulations to Dame Gwen!!

Congratulations to Dame Gwen the Potter who became our Kingdom Arts & Sciences Champion this weekend!

Weather Report

We had about 6" of snow this morning at 6am but it was already raining so it could have been more. It's now sprinkling and the clouds are beginning to clear. There's still plenty of snow on the roads so we're not going anywhere.

Guess Who?

Guess who was back in the yard tonight (like about 5 minutes ago)


Bears, we got 'em!

So last night about 9pm we heard this noise outside. We thought it was one of the cats in the outside cat run but B decided to check it out and found a bear right outside the kitchen glass door with his nose in my now destroyed bird feeder! He snapped a couple of pictures but the flash reflected off the glass so they didn't come out very well. We didn't see the other one until he went out the front door. Pictures be here: